• Summer Session 2017 Class Descriptions

  • Recommendations: Classes will be taught based on recommendations and the approximate age/grade is subjective based on experience, ability, and personality. Joy in Motion encourages anyone to try a class even if they haven’t fulfilled the recommendation. We will honestly assess each dancer and suggest what we feel is best based on our professional opinion. Our goal is to set performers up for success, not crush their dreams or push them in an unhealthy way. Some students find the most joy when they can feel they are one of the most practiced in their class, and others find joy in a big challenge to grow. We are all capable of more than we know and we always encourage a “never give up; always do your best” attitude.

    Classes for Kids/Youth

    Funky Freedom – (4–6+ y/o) This class is designed to promote self-expression through music, creative movement, dance and acting exercises. It strengthens a child’s trust in his/her own creative freedom and boosts their confidence. Various dance techniques are integrated in age appropriate ways so that children get a well-rounded and truly enjoyable dance experience. Co-ed.

    Ballet, Tap & Jazz Combo – (4–5+ y/o, entering TK/K/young1st. Sept.-Dec. 2012 or 2011 birthdays) or (6-7+ y/o) – Power, grace & pizzazz. Elegance, rhythm & funk. Try on three dance styles with this class that promotes self-expression, boosts confidence, and reinforces class etiquette through dance games. This is a great class to take for continued dance fun or for a first dance class. After ballet & tap, dancers will get to let loose with jazz-inspired progressions and dance party. Bare feet recommended for jazz. Ballet shoes are fine. Tights and socks are too slippery.

    Beginning Hip Hop (6–8+ y/o) – This class builds self-expression and boosts confidence. Hip Hop is a lifestyle and this dance style is often misunderstood. Boomin’ the tunes of appropriate current Top 40 music, this class will inspire young dancers. Co-ed.

    Beginning/Intermediate Hip Hop – (8-11+ y/o) The energy created in this class will keep dancers grooving even after class. While encouraging self-expression, it will inspire dancers to be themselves in a positive atmosphere while learning awesome dance moves. It’s a confidence builder that both kids and parents will appreciate. Co-ed.

    Intermediate/Advanced Hip Hop – (11+ y/o) Get your groove on in this high energy class filled with fun and increased difficulty. It will motivate and create continued confidence in both dance and life. It encourages being yourself and strengthens their passion and commitment to life and dance while Jamming to popular music. Co-ed.

    Advanced Hip Hop – (Advanced 13+ y/o) With familiar warm-ups, strength training and combinations of the coolest new and old school moves, this is a high intensity class. Some weeks will be street inspired, some will be fancy and fierce, and others will just be old school and flashback fun. This class is for the confident, dedicated and motivated. Co-ed.

    Beginning Tap & Jazz – (7–9+ y/o) or (8-11+ y/o) Continues the basics of both Tap and Jazz dance styles in a fun class aimed at improving rhythm and promoting self-expression while boosting self-confidence. This class will ensure students can thrive at a faster age-appropriate pace of learning while still simply feeling the joy of dancing. This is a great class to take for continued excitement and success or for a first dance class. Class for 8-11+ paced for "older dancers" stepping into the studio for the first time (or the first time in awhile).

    Intermediate/Advanced Tap – (9+ y/o) Having a good foundation and progressing through several consecutive tap classes will be when a dancer is ready for this class. There will be familiar warm-ups, “across the floor” exercises, and will focus on mastering trickier steps, creating new steps with familiar rhythms through improvisation and trickier combinations.

    Open Contemporary – (9-12+ y/o) This mixed-level class combines the control of ballet with the expressive torso movements of modern dance. Make your presence known while we use floor work, fall & recovery, improvisation & more to build strength in body and character. Each class will include improvisation games and options to try the "basic" or "challenge" version of some of the movements.

    Theatrical Jazz - (7-9+ y/o) Summer combo class to boost self-trust and pizzazz! Jazz instruction will be geared toward popular steps in musical theater choreography and music choices will come from the Broadway stage. Each class will include acting games to build dancers' confidence in their own instincts & ability to come up with creative ideas on the spot. Any non-baggy dance attire. Tights and leotard not required.


    Classes for Adults – Hip Hop & Tap

    Adult Hip Hop – Get your groove and cardio on in this high energy class filled with fun because adults deserve to have fun too. It will motivate and create positive space for you in your life. It encourages being yourself in a positive environment while doing the coolest new and old school dance moves with new and old friends. Go to our Adult Hip Hop Gold page for details.

    Adult Tap Classics(Discounts for 60+) You’re never fully dressed without a smile, and these classic tap steps never go out of style. Shuffle, shim-sham, and time step away because because adults (and seniors!) deserve to have fun too. All experience levels welcome. For more information go to the Adult Tap Classics page HERE.