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    Joy in Motion (JiM) is based in Moraga, CA (East Bay, CA) and is currently offering dance classes for children, teens and adults. JiM offers Hip hop, tap, jazz, ballet, creative movement, and contemporary.

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  • Justin and Linda do such a great job putting together acts that encompass all ages, genders, dance styles, and body types. ~ Laurie S. (Kindergarden Parent)
  • I asked Bella how she felt when she was dancing - and she said "happy, proud and comfortable". Thank you for providing this experience for her and all of these other kids, we were all blown away. ~First Time Joy in Motion Parent
  • We are so happy that you are still in the community! ~Moraga ASEP Coordinator
  • I just want to let you know that Olivia had a fantastic time at your dance class this Thursday. In her own words, "It’s the funnest class ever." ~4th Grade Parent