• Summer 2020

    JiM Summer Session - TBD

    We have not announced our new summer program yet

    We will post notice before the new date for registration.

    Thank you for your continued support.


    **Please note that our formula for priority registration for Fall '20 classes is still under consideration. Enrollment in JiM Summer Classes will not necessarily guarantee priority enrollment for Fall '20 classes.

  • Community Health Closure Still in Place

    We recognize that our studios are as big a part of your lives as ours. We are dancers, artists, mentors, embodied humans, and we take joy in moving together in the same room.

    We understand each family has unique challenges and tolerances for risk and we welcome and celebrate diversity of thought. Thank you for rolling with the unknown with us as best we can....and here, there, or anywhere....we hope you DANCE!!!!
    ~Co-Executive Directors, Ms. Linda Craig and Justin Cole for Joy in Motion