•  The Day 1 Project


    On October 12th, 2014 colleagues & friends Justin and Linda got together and brainstormed an idea, a dream, to run a dance studio together. They made a deep commitment to themselves and one another. They were going to do it. Together. Somehow, someway. It was scary. It was a leap of faith. It was Day 1. It was done.

    10.12.14 Day 1

    Day 1 ~ Pinole Peets Coffee – 10/12/14

    Justin & Linda wanted to take their passions for teaching and putting on a show, mix in their organizational savvy, and use it all as a force for good. They decided to build something they could be unquestionably proud to be a part of…a non-profit dance studio.

    6.8.15 Collage of Filing Articles of Inc with CA Sec of State

    Creating a Legal Corporate Entity – and Claiming our Name! ~ Sacramento, CA – June 8, 2015

    They imagined a clean and beautiful place where all people–youth and adults, ladies and gentlemen, budding sports stars and pop stars–could feel welcome to dance.

    They pictured vibrant collaborations with other local performing arts groups and thought of offering traditional dance studio styles, with multiple annual community performance opportunities and programming for under served dance participants who have difficulty fitting into mainstream dance classes.

    10.1.15 1st JiM Board Meeting TEXT rainbow letters

    Joy in Motion – Board of Directors

    They wanted to attract a Board of diverse professionals from outside the field of dance and imagined a non-profit company managed transparently, responsibly, and always sustainably and in service of the community.


    Who was crazy enough to start a non-profit right when one of the co-founders was pregnant with her second child?! Linda & Justin!!

    Themselves inspired by organizations such as Luna Dance Institute, Justin and Linda’s goal was to further lift the perception of the value of dance education and entertainment, and to help legitimize the profession of teaching dance by hiring staff as employees with access to sick days, unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation and other basic benefits standard to most jobs.  They imagined connecting the Lamorinda dance and theatrical arts community to the greater professional arts and education circles in the Bay Area and nationally, both through collaborations on performances and workshops and through maintaining a positive, entertaining and educational presence on the web across multiple platforms.


    It was a scary decision that had a lot of uncertainties, and started with a whole lot of “what ifs”…but it grew into “why not?”

    Why not here?

    Why not now?

    Why not us?

    The process of getting from Day 1 to Day 365 was not all smooth sailing, but the results have been pure Joy in Motion!

    Day 365 Celebration – 10/11/15 – Day 1 Project Complete!

    “The Time Before”

    …Coming Soon!

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