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  • Co-Founder

    Justin Cole

    Entertainment Director

    Justin is an inspiring dance instructor and choreographer known for his ability to make dancers of all ages and abilities look and feel stellar on stage. Read Full Bio Here

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  • Co-Founder

    Linda Craig

    Education Director

    “Ms. Linda,” as her students call her, is an educator who has found her life’s work guiding young people to live with the exuberance and poise of confident dancers. Read Full Bio Here

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  • Why are Justin and Linda such a great partnership?

  • The short answer is BALANCE.

    Ms. Linda likes to research, and Justin likes to shmooze. After a long week, Justin unwinds with his group of close friends, and Ms. Linda would rather talk to her journal. Ms. Linda and Justin make a great partnership because they know themselves. They know each other. And they know how to laugh at their quirks. Sure, collaboration is not always cakes and roses, but we know that the hard work we do together behind the scenes makes a better dance experience for you and your family!!

  • Did you Know??

    • Justin & Ms. Linda both graduated from Pinole Valley High School.
    • Both are Tauruses.
    • Both have awesome craft supply collections and could get lost in Michael's.
    • Justin could eat fried chicken for every meal, and Ms. Linda loves mac & cheese.
    • JiM is the 2nd Board of Directors Ms. Linda has served on, and Justin's 4th.
    • Ms. Linda's favorite dance company is Alvin Ailey, and Justin's favorite reality TV show is Project Runway.
  • Joy in Motion is a proud BRONZE SPONSOR of ORINDA CARES

    OrindaCares is a partnership program between Mindful Littles, Orinda Schools, Miramonte High School and The City of Orinda to inspire all Orinda students through meaningful service learning opportunities.