• What if my child is sick or misses a class?

    Make-up Policy

    If a dancer is sick, please have them stay home and rest. A fever should be gone for at least 24 hours to attend a class.

    For Fall and Winter/Spring Sessions, dancers are allowed 2 make-ups per class, per session. All make-ups must be completed during the session in which the absence occurred. Dancers may do a make up class in any other class during the week that is comparable or level higher, with the exception of invitation only classes (Crews, Swag, Tap-Tastic) and any class labeled *no make-ups* on the on-line schedule. Please email us at joy@joyinmotiondance.org to let us know when you plan to do a make-up. Yes, dancers can make up a class in a different style!! All that is required is a willingness to try and to accept that they won't be "the best" for that hour and accept that the teacher will not review things the class has already learned. You may be surprised what you are capable of when you stretch!

    For Summer Sessions, we do not allow make-up classes.

    Is there a filtered water fountain?


    Can family and friends watch a dance class?

    Observing class

    It is exciting for parents and family members to watch their young dancers perform. We do not allow observation from inside the studios unless it is a special demo day. Please enjoy our Waiting Lounge or our new wide hallways with small viewing windows.

    Another important thing to remember is that during the class “the instructor” is in charge. It is not necessary or helpful for parents/care-givers to give corrections or urgent hand signals to suggest paying attention. For that period of time, it is the instructor’s job. Please talk with your dancer privately outside of class if you observe any behavior of theirs that you did not appreciate.

    Can I leave and run an errand while my child is dancing?

    Yes! With the exception that if a child is unable to use the restroom independently, a care-giver (or another dance parent you make an agreement with) must stay on site to be available for assistance. Please be on time for pick-up. Joy in Motion reserves the right to charge $10 for every 5 minutes that a child is picked up more than 5 minutes after their class ends. Please instruct children to wait for you inside the building while you find a safe parking spot.

    How do I make payments?

    Payment Policy

    We require each family to provide a current VISA or DISCOVER or MASTERCARD, which will be automatically charged on the due date(s). All you have to do is make sure the credit card on your account has not expired. You may pay by check or cash, if payment is provided by one week before the due date(s). In the event a credit card cannot be processed and a payment is more than 30 days overdue, your account will be charged an additional $35 late fee. By agreeing to Joy in Motion's payment policy, you authorize Joy in Motion to automatically charge the card you have on file for the full payment of the payment plan you have selected. Any student whose tuition is in arrears 30 days without any account payments may be asked to stay home.

    I want to make my 2nd installment with a check, who do I make it out to and who do I give it to?

    Check payments should be made out to Joy in Motion and can be given to Justin Cole or Linda Craig before or after class. Check or cash payments must be received 7 days before the payment due date to avoid the credit card on account from being charged.

    What if my child withdraws for any reason?

    Withdrawl/Refund Policy

    For Fall and Winter/Spring Sessions, There are no refunds on payments that have been made. Academic year students are presumed to be enrolled for the full session. Parents on payment plans are responsible for the full session's tuition unless the student is withdrawn in writing (email preferred). If you have chosen an installment option for an academic year session, your account will not be charged for further installments if notice of withdrawal is given within 15 days of the next payment due date. 

    For Summer Sessions, Sixty percent of your 2019 Summer Tuition for classes or camps is non-transferable to JiM credit for future sessions if you drop for any reason after registering and before 10 days prior to the start of your class or camp. One hundred percent of your 2019 Summer Tuition for classes or camps is non-transferable to JiM credit if you drop for any reason within 10 days of the start of your class or camp. There are no refunds on payments that have been made and no make-up classes during summer.

    *Fall Flexibility Policy If you drop a Fall 2019 youth class by Sept. 30th, 2019 AND we are able to fill your spot immediately, Joy in Motion will offer a refund or credit less any classes taken and a flat $50 admin fee.

    *WS Flexibility Policy If you drop a WS 2020 youth class by Jan. 25th, 2020 AND we are able to fill your spot immediately, Joy in Motion will offer a refund or credit less any classes taken and a flat $50 admin fee. If you drop a WS 2020 youth class after Jan. 25th, you may also be responsible to pay for any costume ordered for your child before you dropped.

    Is entering my credit card information safe?

    Privacy Policy

    Joy in Motion is committed to online security. Your payment and personal information will not be shared with anyone. Credit card numbers are not stored in our system, but rather processed through PCI compliant SafeSave Payments. We at Joy in Motion cannot see your full credit card number.

    Wait, what happened to that class?

    Cancellation by Joy in Motion

    Joy in Motion reserves the right to cancel and/or replace any class due to low enrollment.