1. The back parking lot with the loading dock is CLOSED TO CARS until Fall 2021 & every Thursday evening in Fall. 
    2. To park, use the front lot by entering on the Country Club Dr/Sisi's side or park on the street. DO NOT PARK IN THE MOTESSORI SCHOOL'S LOT AT ANY TIMES!
    3. Do not drop off or pick up from the street please. We want the kiddos to be safe.
    4. Arrive for class no earlier than 10 minutes prior to the start time.
    5. Bikes, helmets, etc. that can be locked up can be locked to the white handrails on the ramp by the front entrance.
    6. MASKS are NOT required OUTDOORS. 
    7. MASKS ARE REQUIRED INDOORS regardless of vaccination status and must be worn over both the nose and mouth. This includes all vaccinated individuals including staff, dancers, and caregivers or siblings entering our doors, with the exception of children 2 and under or children in a stroller. 
    8. If dancers have more than one indoor class, they may wait in the lobby or lounge with a mask on. If they choose to wait outside, we do not provide supervision. If dancers only have one class they should arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to the class's start time.
    9. Dancers will enter the building at the main entrance on School Street. 
    10. Dancers, please bring a filled water bottle, appropriate shoes to change into. All shoes for indoor use should be clean.
    11. Dancers may change their shoes in the Lobby and leave belongings in a cubby...except their water bottle.    
    12. Bathrooms are available for participants. One dancer/household at a time only will be allowed. Masks are required except for the quick water break(s)!
    13. Dancers will be released from class to change shoes, retrieve items, and exit the building. 
    14. Now that we're up to speed and following the rules...LET'S DANCE and HAVE SOME FUN!!