1. The back parking lot with the loading dock is CLOSED TO CARS.
    2. To park, use the front lot by entering on the Country Club Dr/Sisi's side. Or park on the street.
    3. Do not drop off or pick up from the street please. We do not want our parking lot classes to bother the neighborhood by blocking the street...and we want the kiddos to be safe.
    4. Arrive for class no earlier than 10 minutes prior to the start time. Dancers may line up 6' apart starting at the mailbox at the entrance.
    5. Bikes, helmets, etc. that can be locked up can be locked to the white handrails on the ramp by the front entrance.
    6. MASKS are required of everyone on Joy in Motion grounds and must be worn over both the nose and mouth. This includes dancers while dancing, and caregivers or siblings who come to the door when dropping off/picking up, with the exception of children 2 and under or children in a stroller.
    7. If dancers have more than one indoor class, they may wait in the lobby or lounge with a mask on and maintaining proper social distance. If dancers only have one class they should arrive no earlier than 5 minutes prior to the class's start time.
    8. Dancers will enter the building at the main entrance on School Street. Prior to entering the building there will be a temperature check. Anyone with a temperature of 99 or higher will not be let in. 
    9. Dancers, please bring a filled water bottle, appropriate shoes to change into, and a sweater if necessary.  
    10. Dancers may change their shoes in the Lobby and leave belongings in a cubby...except their water bottle. During the class dancers will remain in their dance area with their water bottle against a wall near them.    
    11. Dancers should go directly to Studio #1 (Red Room) or #3 (Yellow Room) through the MAIN HALLWAY and go to a marked spot on the floor to wait for class to begin. When exiting, dancers will exit the door closest to the bathroom, turn left and go through the Parent Lounge to the lobby.
    12. Bathrooms are available for participants. One dancer/household at a time only will be allowed. Please let a JiM teacher know, and they will lead you through the door closest to the restroom. RE-ENTER by going through the parent lounge and hallway where they entered the first time. There are arrows on the ground showing which directions dancers should travel ONE-WAY through the studio. Bathrooms are cleaned after every class.
    13. No Indoor Observers are allowed.
    14. Masks are required except for the quick water break(s)!
    15. Dancers will be released from class to change shoes, retrieve items, and exit the building. Is your older dancer walking/riding home themselves? Please EMAIL US or let us know we can release them alone.
    16. Rules make it possible for us to open in-person classes...so now that we're up to speed and following the rules...LET'S DANCE and HAVE SOME FUN!!