• iiiiit's SHOWTIME!

  • Tickets


    30 min before first show time you can add your name to the Stand-By list at WILL CALL for people waiting to see if anyone turns in tickets they can't use.


  • CLICK HERE to view the PDF of girls dressing room assignments for Shows #2-5.

    Quick Change Dressing Room is the one through the lobby close to backstage. Main Girls Dressing Room is a room in the community center building to the left before you enter the theater lobby. The actual room used may change from day-to-day but will be labeled.

    All boys from any class will be in the Boys Dressing Room behind the stage area.

  • Volunteer Sign-Up

    We can't put on a show without volunteers. Volunteering not required, but sure appreciated!!

    Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on SignUp.com

  • Performance Info

    • VOLUNTEERS check in at the Volunteer Check-In Table and get a description of your role. It is in the lobby next to gear separated from WILL CALL now. Linda and Justin will be around if you have any questions.  You will an e-mail with instructions as well.  
    • DANCERS ARRIVE in hair/make-up and the first costume (if more than one) performed in that show 30 minutes prior to the first show of the day. (ex: Call is 5:30p for a 6p/7:30p performer) 
    • DRESSING ROOM ASSIGNMENTS are posted on Inside Scoop, Outside Each Dressing Room and at the Lobby Entrance. The BOYS dressing room will be open which is backstage and there is signage for everything.
    • CHECK YOUR DANCER IN at their dressing room for the day (door volunteers have check-in sheets).
    • DANCERS REMAIN BACKSTAGE during shows (in dressing room or waiting in halls) and there will be a head count between shows.
    • VOLUNTEERS WILL BE AT EACH DRESSING ROOM and younger classes have volunteers dedicated to just their classes.
    • VOLUNTEERS ONLY BACKSTAGE - Volunteers sign in near the Ticket table and Gear Table get a name badge. No name badge, no backstage! Extra helpers in Main Dressing Rooms are allowed if non-disruptive. Please be on time to receive instructions from the Volunteer Check-In.
    • BE SMART WITH FOOD avoid eating in costume (button-up cover shirts are awesome). Please don't leave food sitting open in dressing rooms to spill on other people's costumes! Justin was picking up trash after Show #1! Sad face.
    • QUIET WILL BE REQUIRED of all dancers and volunteers lining up and in halls/dressing rooms
    • NO INS & OUTS during the show if you have a seat.  Simply enjoy the show and let the volunteers handle the backstage magic.

    To order a DVD of the JiM Stage Show 2017 "Please Don't Stop the Music" visit the BluBarn Studios On-Line Store HERE

    $25 per DVD (Each "Show" is a different DVD).

    $3 shipping per order direct to you within 4-6 weeks after the show!!

  • Show # 2 - Thursday 5/11 at 6pm & 7:30pm
    1 Act - No Intermission
    1 OPENER Tu4:45 Hip Hop Swag
    2 M3:45 Break into Tap & Jazz - JAZZ
    3 F3:45 Joy in Tap & Jazz - TAP
    4 Th4:45 Joy in Tap & Jazz - JAZZ
    5 M6:45 Hip Hop Jam
    6 Th4:45 Broadway Ballet
    7 Th5:45 Boys Hip Hop
    8 Th4:45 Joy in Tap & Jazz - TAP
    9 F4:45 Contemporary Chic
    10 M5:45 Tap Rhythm
    11 F3:45 Joy in Tap & Jazz - JAZZ
    12 Tu4:45 Hip Hop Swag
    13 M3:45 Break into Tap & Jazz - TAP
    14 M3:45 Hip Hop Boom
    15 Tu5:45 Tap-Tastic
    16 Th6:45 Hip Hop Jam
    FINALE - All


  • Show # 3 - Friday 5/12 at 6:30pm & 8pm
    1 Act - No Intermission
    1 Tu5:45 Tap-Tastic
    2 F4:45 Contemporary Chic
    3 W4:45 Tap Progression
    4 M3:45 Hip Hop Boom
    5 W5:45 Jazz & Pizzazz
    6 Th3:45 Hip Hop Bounce
    7 F4:45 Boys Hip Hop
    8 Adult Hip Hop
    9 Tu4:45 Hip Hop Swag
    10 W3:45 Be-Jazz-eled
    11 Tu6:45 Hip Hop Jam
    12 Th4:45 Broadway Ballet
    13 Tu4:45 Hip Hop Swag
    14 M4:45 Hip Hop Groove
    FINALE - All


  • Show # 4 - Saturday 5/13 at 2pm & 3:30pm
    1 Act - No Intermission
    1 OPENER Tu4:45 Hip Hop Swag
    2 Th3:00 Joy in Ballet & Tap - BALLET
    3 M2:45 Joy in Ballet & Tap - TAP
    4 Th3:45 Ballet Beautiful
    5 F4:45 Contemporary Chic
    6 F2:45 Joy in Ballet & Tap - BALLET
    7 F3:45 Joy in Tap & Jazz - TAP
    8 Th4:45 Joy in Tap & Jazz - JAZZ
    9 W5:45 Jazz & Pizzazz
    10 F5:45 Hip Hop Groove
    11 F3:45 Joy in Tap & Jazz - JAZZ
    12 Th3:00 Joy in Ballet & Tap - TAP
    13 M2:45 Joy in Ballet & Tap - BALLET
    14 Th4:45 Joy in Tap & Jazz - TAP
    15 Tu4:45 Hip Hop Swag
    16 M5:45 Tap Rhythm
    17 F3:45 Hip Hop Boom
    18 W3:45 Hip Hop Boom
    19 Tu5:45 Tap-Tastic
    FINALE - All


  • Show # 5 - Saturday 5/13 at 5pm & 6:30pm
    1 Act - No Intermission
    1 OPENER Tu4:45 Hip Hop Swag
    2 W2:45 Joy in Ballet & Tap - TAP
    3 M4:45 Hip Hop Groove
    4 Th4:45 Broadway Ballet
    5 F4:45 Boys Hip Hop
    6 W3:45 Be-Jazz-eled
    7 W5:45 Jazz & Pizzazz
    8 W2:45 Joy in Ballet & Tap - BALLET
    9 M3:45 Break into Tap & Jazz - TAP
    10 Tu4:45 Hip Hop Swag
    11 F3:45 Hip Hop Boom
    12 M3:45 Break into Tap & Jazz - JAZZ
    13 M5:45 Tap Rhythm
    14 Th3:00 Funky Freedom
    15 Tu5:45 Tap-Tastic
    FINALE - All


  • Costume Information for all classes and Reharsal, Show, Hair & Makeup Guidelines


  • CLICK HERE to view the PDF (UPDATED 4/16/17) that says when your family is performing. Please let us know ASAP if we have an error for your family. Program will be printed based on these show commitments.

    Rehearsal call times and show orders by class are found below on this Inside Scoop page.