• Thurs 4:45 – Jazz – Ms. Linda

  • Practice makes it FABULOUS!!!

    Practice Videos 2018 May Stage Show

    (Remember when you're watching yourself & others in practice videos that we are still learning and need to make mistakes while we learn. Learn from each other in the video and from Ms. Linda's verbal cues so you'll have it better next time!)

    Dancers know the password for the video

  • Cheetah Love - 3/22/18 Done!!

  • Cheetah Love - In class in March - videod from the front

  • Cheetah Love - Ms. Linda does beginning tricky section with no music - NOW WE ONLY DO ONE SET OF THE TRICKY STEP!!!! (but I'm leaving this video)

  • Cheetah Love - 1st Day with Music 1/18/18 (chorus only)