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  • ACLHeadshot“Ms. Linda,” as her students call her, is an educator who has found her life’s work guiding young people to live with the exuberance and poise of confident dancers.

    Linda is known as a nurturing and upbeat instructor, and she attributes much of her patience and her LindaChemoHair Vs Chicagoenthusiasm for life to her victorious battle with Stage 4 metastasized Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at the age of 20. Yes, all of her hair fell out, but it grew back again. Through fighting for life during cancer treatment, Linda gained a body-knowing of what was to become her teaching philosophy.

    Linda’s teaching philosophy is summarized in three statements or mantras:

    Unreasonable Joy. Childlike Wonder. Reverential Acceptance.

    Unreasonable Joy. —Permission to celebrate life; to be full of life without reservation or shame; to experience, through dancing, a joy that logic and reason cannot explain away.

    Childlike Wonder. —Permission to not know and to be curious; to try new things with excitement; to be a lifelong learner.

    Reverential Acceptance. —Permission to be perfectly imperfect and to accept that limitations exist, and can be worked with. Gratitude & respect for those who’ve come before, for our peers, for our teachers, and for all in our community.

    As a young dancer herself, Linda trained in tap, jazz, ballet and lyrical at a local East Bay studio and on the dance convention/competition circuit before AileyLogoDancersfocusing on ballet and modern—primarily at Berkeley Ballet Theater with Sally Streets and Sonya Delwaide (now with the dance dept. at Mills College in Oakland) and in NYC with the Alvin Ailey Summer Intensive.

    UCLA SealAlso a lover of academic learning, Linda graduated from UCLA summa cum laude in the honors program with a B.A. in English and began an M.A. program in English Composition (a.k.a.-teaching college-level essay writing courses) that included masters classes in teaching theory and practice applicable to any teaching setting.

    Before finding her teaching niche back at the dance studio, Linda taught conversational English classes to adult foreign students at UCLA, spent 2 years as a K-12 substitute teacher in the Oakland Unified School District, assistant taught in college writing courses at Diablo Valley College, PCPLogotaught children’s theater, and served for 2 years on the board of directors of the non-profit Pinole Community Players community theater.

    Linda honed her teaching philosophy for 6 years while teaching every style of dance offered at California Academy of the Performing Arts (CAPA), with the exception of hip hop. In her second year at CAPA, Linda took over teaching the majority of the classes in the Primary Department (the company’s youngest levels), and was named the Primary Director in 2014, writing a detailed primary curriculum that summer. For the 2014-2015 school year, enrollment in the Primary Department was up by nearly double from when Linda came to the CAPA in 2009.

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    In 2013, Linda began to position herself as a leader in dance education, and to give resources back to her colleagues and dance families, through the establishment of the website UnreasonableJoy.com: A Place for Dance Educators and the People They Inspire.

    Linda continues to grow and satisfy her professional curiosity, most recently through being one of 12 dance teaching artists and educators selected by application to attend Luna Dance’s Summer Institute 2018, funded in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. The professional program includes a year of coaching and an inquiry project that will culminate in May 2019.

    Sidney Day 42 Mon 12.3.2012 (12) - Copy - Copy - CopyLeelaThumbnailLinda became a proud momma with the birth of her son in October 2012. She was blessed with a daughter in late June 2015!!

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