• Party Rentals & Private Lessons

  • Studio Rentals

    We have a great Parking Lot for Parties!

    **We are currently not offering IN-STUDIO Rentals!**

    Parking Lot Rental w/Staff On-Site plus amenities includes:

    • 30 minutes of set-up (free - prior to contracted party start time)
    • 30 minutes of instruction 
    • 30 minutes of "party" 


    • Bathrooms available
    • Oven for use
    • Refrigerator/Freezer for use
    • 4 - 6' Tables available for use (bring own linens)
    • Contract and Release of Liability Waiver must be signed prior to use.
    • Must follow County Safety Guidelines


    PRICING for families having one active family member enrolled:

    $275 - 1st hour (not including 30 minute set-up)

    $100 - each additional hour of "party"

    $150 - additional 30 minute set of instruction

    PRICING for families with NO current enrollments:

    $325 - 1st hour (not including 30 minute set-up)

    $100 - each additional hour of "party"

    $150 - additional 30 minute set of instruction

    At-Home Party includes:

    • 30-40 minutes of instruction
    • Release of Liability must be completed prior to party date


    $225 - for families having one active family member enrolled

    $250 - for families with NO current enrollments


     PARTY Instruction On-Site or At Home includes:

    • A quick warm-up
    • A copy me dance
    • Dance exercises and/or games
    • Choreography designed for the Birthday Person in mind
    • We may be able to facilitate other activities and services for additional costs


  • Private & Group Lessons

    Whether you’ve always dreamed of learning how to tap dance or want to get your groove on at parties, a private lesson is a great way to learn. Lessons will be structured around your desires, goals and current skills.

    Do you need help preparing for…

    • an audition?
    • a vocal competition which requires basic movement?
    • catching up to your age group in a dance style that's new for you?

    Do you want to plan something special like a…

    • Talent Show Piece?
    • Flash Mob for an event?
    • Surprise Groom’s dance?
    • Special surprise group performance for a friend on their milestone Birthday or Bridal Shower?
    • Vocal group choreography?

    Lessons / Coaching Sessions

    Private (1 student): $85/hr - $70/45m - $60/30m

    Semi-Private lessons (2 students, similar goals): $100/hr

    Small Group (3-4 students, similar goals): $130/hr

    Large Group (5+): **contact JiM to discuss


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