1. Click on any Register button to be taken to the JiM initial registration page.Register Button

      2. Fill in family and student information. The email address you list for Contact #1 will be your initial User ID.Registration Account Email Screen

      3. Add classes for each student. (You can also add classes later from your account.) If you got to the registration page by clicking on the register link next to a class, that class will be pre-filled for you. Select any additional classes using the search button on the form. Adults signing up for Hip Hop Gold, please add yourself as a student even if you are also the contact above.

      4. Add a Visa, Discover or Mastercard and select your payment plan. You must have a card on file to register. You can add or edit cards in your account at any time. (Adult Class Cards will be charged in 1 full payment even if you are using the 2 or 4 payment plan for other classes on your account.) CreditCard Payment Schedule Reg Form

      5. To log into your account for the first time, click the bright yellow button from any page.My JiM Login Button

      6. The 1st time you come to this page after making your account, leave the Email/Login ID & Password boxes blank and just click the link below. A new page will open, prompting you to enter your account e-mail to have a temporary password emailed to you.Portal 1st Time Sign In Screen

      7. Once inside your account, you can change your Password or User ID any time through the My Account tab. You can also enroll in classes, update your credit card, see your invoices and payments, and more.Portal Change UserID Password Screen

    If you have other questions, Contact Us!