• Independent Study - Practice Videos!

    All JiM Show practice videos have a new home here. No passwords required. (Videos are now private links--Your old links to videos that you were emailed no longer work.)

    This new JiM at Home! page includes:

    1. Finale Tutorial and Practice for ALL - Shake Your Groove Thing
    2. Class Specific Practice Videos and Tutorials
    3. Playlists from Teachers
    4. Link to the Public JiM@Home Site
    **Videos will be added throughout the closure so CHECK BACK!


  • 1. Finale Practice Videos for ALL


  • 2. Show Practice by Class!

     In-Class Practice Videos--Teacher Tutorials--and/or--New Choreography to Practice at Home  (ADULT HIP HOP at the end)

  • IMPORTANT ETIQUETTE - We ask that you be a considerate neighbor and do not post or widely share the links to this page JiM Independent Study Page. The in-class videos are posted so that dancers in those classes can know their formations and individual counts, etc. It is not good etiquette to share in-class practice videos outside of the studio. Please do...Dance with your family, learn another class's dance....privately share with your good friend a video of just a JiM teacher playing a dance game or the FINALE tutorials that include ONLY TEACHERS. Questions? Email us!